Year Established: 1904 | School Code: 10380

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Recommendations To Parents

The parents / guardians must see that the date of birth filled in the application form of their children is correct , as it will not be changed later.

The parents/guardians are advised to see the Progress Report / Diary of the children regularly to know their progress.

Allegations of discrimination or anything which demeans the Institution is an insult to the Institution and its Officers and could lead to the expulsion of the student.

Parents / Guardians are requested to make proper to and fro Conveyance for their children. The school authorities will not be responsible for transport facilities except for those who use the School buses.

Students are not allowed to bring Mobile Phones, FM Radios, Cameras, Pen drives,CD's or any other electronic gadgets in the school campus. Breach of this rule will invite confiscation of the instrument without notice and disciplinary action will be taken against the student by the school authorities.Therefore Parents/Guardians are advised to keep a check on their children. The Parents/Guardians are also requested to switch off their mobiles if they happen to visit the school during working hours.

Students are not allowed to bring any fancy articles like pens with torch, stickers, comics etc. to school. Violation of this rule will involve confiscation of the article.

Parents should study the rules and regulations about absence from school carefully and observe them faithfully.

Parents are earnestly requested to enforce regularity and discipline at home and see that their children prepare their lessons and do the assigned homework.

Parents are particularly expected to sign the Principal’s and teacher’s remarks in the diary regularly after reading them. Failure to do this may put their children to great inconvenience.

When communicating with the Principal, parents are requested to mention in their letters / applications the name, class and section of their children.

Parents / Guardians may visit the school and the teachers only on Open Days. At other times, with the prior permission of the Principal, if need be.

It is compulsory for every student to participate in all the extra-curricular activities of the school especially Annual Sports Day, unless prior permission is taken from the Principal for genuine reasons.

There will be eight installments of school fee in on Academic year i.e. July to February. The fee can be paid in cash or by local cheque in the Indian Overseas Bank, Kaiserganj, Ajmer without Fine upto 15th of the Installment month. Those whose Fees are not paid by the 15th of the month will have to pay a fine of Rs. 100/- for that installment till the end of that particular month failing which thefine will be increased to Rs. 200/- per installment which will be collected along with the next installment. Habitual defaulter's name will be struck off the the roll. Admission Fee/Fees once paid will not be refunded.< /p>

Fee must be paid only in the Bank and not in the school office.

School Fees are chargeable for 12 months i.e. from April to March.

The Student of classes X and XII should pay their school fees and all dues if any, before obtaining their Board Admit Card in the month of February. Parents must notify the school of any change in their address and telephone numbers immediately.

There will be a nominal increase in school fees and other miscellaneous charges every year, depending on the needs of the Institution.

Original Fee Receipt should be preserved carefully for the purpose of Income Tax rebate or reimbursement or clarification etc. as Duplicate fee receipts will not be issued.

The students of class X, who wish to leave the school for furthur studied in some other city or school should obtain the T.C. before 15th June, failing which one month fee of class XI or fee of as many months as delayed in taking the T.C. will be charged.

Students are not allowed to bring four wheelers to school.

Students, who do not possess license for two wheelers, should not bring two wheelers to school.Students, who have no license for two wheelers will not be allowed to park their vehicles inside the school campus. The school management is not responsible for the vehicles parked outside the school.

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