Year Established: 1904 | School Code: 10380

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The Library is the intellectual store house of the school. Great labour has gone into its setting up. Students must take full advantage and add to their store of knowledge.

Students are not allowed to take into the library their own books or any other personal belongings. A personal diary may, however be taken for the purpose of note-taking.

All students see that an atmosphere of silence and seriousness is preserved in the library at all times.

Only one book can be borrowed at a time. A book may be retained for seven days only.

A book may be reissued, but not more than twice. However books demanded by other borrowers will not be reissued.

Books lost, defaced, dirtied, or damaged in any other way will have to be made good by the borrower

Magazines, reviews and other periodicals as a rule, are not be be taken out of the library. The same rule applies for reference books which must be scrupulously returned after consultation.

A second book will not be issued to any one until the first book issued earlier is returned. The privilege of using library books will be withdrawn from a student who is habitually careless or guilty of misusing the library privileges.

Books taken out of the shelves, must be left on the table. The librarian would put them back in their proper places.

Books could be issued to all students during Library period.

Books borrowed should be returned before the commencement of the annual exams.

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