Year Established: 1904 | School Code: 10380

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Classes L.KG & H.KG.

Term Exam Time Schedule Marks
I Half-Yearly Sept./Oct. 50
II Final Feb./March 50

Classes I to V.

Type of Assessment Weightage of Marks Total Marks Time Schedule Percentage of Pass
Quarterly Exam (Written) 30 Marks 30 Marks July 33% of the Total Marks

Half Yearly Exam (Written)
Orals for language subjects included

60 Marks 70 Marks Oct./Nov.
Notebook Assessment - 1 05 Marks Oct./Nov.
Periodic Test 05 Marks Oct./Nov.
Notebook Assessment - 2 05 Marks 100 Marks Jan./Feb
Projects 05 Marks January
Periodic Test 05 Marks January

Annual Exam
Orals for language subjects included

 85 Marks Feb./March
Total Marks 200 Marks    

Moral Sc., G.K. & Computer (with Practical) in Half Yearly and Annual Exam only of 50 marks each.

The Syllabus - Quarterly Exam : Quaterly Portion Only.

Half Yearly Exam : Half Yearly Portion Only.

Annual Exam : Final Portion Only.

Classes VI To VIII

Types of Assessment Weightage Total Marks Time Schedule Pass Percentage
Project (To be done in School) 05 Marks 30 Marks May 33% of Grand Total
Quarterly Examination(Written) 25 Marks July
Monthly Test (Average of the two taken from the beginning of the First Term) 05 Marks 70 Marks May, Aug.
Note Book Asessment 05 Marks Oct.
Half Yearly Examination (Written) 60 Marks Oct.
Project (To be done in School) 05 Marks 100 Marks Dec.
Monthly Test 10 Marks Nov. & Jan.
Pre. Annual (Maximum marks 60 converted into 20 marks.) 20 Marks
Note Book Assessment 05 Marks Feb.
Annual Examination (Written) 60 Marks Feb.
Grand Total 200 Marks

Classes IX & X

As per the CBSE Examination Rules.

Classes XI & XII

Term Exam Time Schedule Marks
I Quarterly July 30
II Half-Yearly Oct./Nov. 70
III Final Feb./March 100

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