Year Established: 1904 | School Code: 10380
St. Anselm's Sr. Sec. School

St. Anselm's Sr. Sec. School, Ajmer

Affiliated to C.B.S.E. Affiliation No.: 1730002


Attendance in all the internal assessments and examinations will be compulsory for all the classes. Presence in the examinations and assessments will qualify the student for the marks/grade. No mark/grade will be awarded if a student is absent in any of these assessments/examinations for any reason. The dates for these assessments are announced at short notices in the classes and the assessment is neither taken before nor after the actual dates.

Copy Assessment by the Principal will be done only on the prescribed day. No student should take leave without prior permission. Copies will not be assessed on any other day without the Principal’s permission. Copies without Principal’s seal will not be awarded marks/grades.

No parent is allowed to take their children from the school after Assessment/Test/Exams, in which case the Assessment will be canceled.

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