Sep 2019

04 K.G. Activity: Special Assembly (Teachers' Day)
      ECA(I &II): Teachers'Day Speech Competition

05 Teachers' Day Celeberation

06 J.L.S. Activity

07 S.L.S. Activity

08 Baba Ramdev Jayanti

10 Muharram (Subject to Visibility of Moon)

11 ECA (I & II): Paper Folding Competition

12 ECA (III to V): Flower Petal Rangoli Making Competition

13 J.L.S. Activity

14 S.L.S. Activity
      K.G. Activity: Grandparents Day Celeberation

16 K.G. Activity: English Writing Competition

18 ECA (I & II): Fancy Dress Competition

19 ECA (III to V): Hindi Recitation (Hasya)

20 J.L.S. Activity

21 S.L.S. Activity
      ECA (I & II): Button Art Competition

23 Class Tests begin

25 Copy Assessment - I for classes I to III

26 Copy of Assessment - I for classes IV to V

27 J.L.S. Activity
      Copy of Assessment - I for classes VI to VIII

28 S.L.S. Activity
      Copy of Assessment - I for IX to XII.

29 Navratri Sthapana

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