Principal Message


Wow ! The Calendar

Wow! The new academic calendar is here! Though the new session has begun in April, as usual the new calendar is distributed in July. All of us at the outset inquisitively glance and run through the plans and photographs and the activities of the session ahead in it.

All the same, the calendar reminds us to take stock of what has been accomplished and what has remained unfulfilled in the previous session. Introspection and reflectionfor clarity in decision making and resolutions to change all over again, do take place in members of Teaching – Learning Community in the process, eventually.

As a result knowingly or unknowingly the community is guidedto realise the process of Three E’s of Education after 3 R’s and Four C’s working backstage. The Three E’s can be explained as Excellence, Ethics and Engagement. Excellence stands for outstanding performance in every sphere, Ethics stands for moral commitment and Engagement stands for involvement and enjoyment in the task at hand and ahead.

If we are able to bring forththe Three E’s and resolveto realise it in our day to day working and in life,being well aware of its character and demands; certainly every member of this community will eventually feel and become a ‘Wow Teacher’, a ‘Wow Student’ and a ‘Wow Parent’ and success will be at every step.

Wishing you assurance of prayers, well wishes and above all God’s divine providence today and days to come.

Dr. Fr. SusaiManickam


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