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It’s Christmas time in the city. A time to realize hope, peace, joy and quiet splendor filling the air, doubt and despair disappear into the darkness. A time to discover and develop the greatest light – “the atman - The self ” and it’s the divine essence. Discover this spark of the divine that is in our hearts is our highest God. “A lamp is lit and placed so that all should see its light.” The blaze of a thousand suns will resemble little the splendor of the light within us. The spirit of Christmas is this realization of the divine spirit of the humanness, empowering individuals to transform everyone in the world.

Eknath Eswaran writes: “When growing up, a short walk from my home led to a lotus pond so thickly overlaid with glossy leaves and gleaming rose and white blossoms that you could scarcely see the water. One of the Sanskrit names for this most exquisite of flowers is “pankaja”, “born from the mud”. In the murky depths of the pond, a seed takes root. Then a long wavering strand reaches upward, groping towards the glimmer of light above. From this water, a bud emerges warmed by the sun’s rays, it slowly opens out and forms a perfect chalice to catch and hold the dazzling light of the sun “The sunflower also turns to the sun in an outpouring of love and absorbing light”.

The lotus make a beautiful symbol for the core of goodness in every human being. Though we are born of human clay, it reminds us that each of us has the latent capacity to reach and grow, shining into heaven with strength and beauty.

This seed of God is in us, given an intelligent and hardworking human being it will thrive and grow up to God, and his nature. Pear seeds grow into pear trees, nut seeds into nut trees, and God seed into God. God continues to sow this seed in us and it cannot die whatsoever. It glows and sparkles, burning and giving light and always, it moves upward toward God.

It was still night, but a new light had been born into the world. The tiny new life would need nurturing and support as he glow to the full stature we are even grateful for those who keep us along the way.

Meister Eckhart writes and I quote, “I have spoken at times of a light in the soul, a light that is uncreated and uncreatable … to the extent that we can deny ourselves and turn away from created things we, and shall find our unity and blessing in that little spark in the soul which neither, space nor time touches”.

May the blessings of Jesus Christ keep illuminating your life and fill it with joy, hope, peace and happiness this Christmas and throughout the New Year.

Dr. Fr. SusaiManickam


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